All WGT-sanctioned rides will be conducted from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to the national landmarks that encompass Sturgis, South Dakota. 


The Iron Mountain Road to Custer State Park

Also known as 16A, the Iron Mountain Road is a 17 mile stretch of road ambling through the famous Black Hills of South Dakota. This road includes 314 curves: 14 switchbacks, 3 pigtails, 3 tunnels, 4 presidents and 2 splits. Road conditions include: mountains, valleys, twistees, off-cambered turns, and switchbacks. Speed limit is 35mph and road offers the possibility of the following features: wooden pigtail bridges, one-lane tunnels that frame Mt. Rushmore and various wildlife sightings. The road is bookended by Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park. THIS ROUTE IS RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCED RIDERS.


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Ride to Mt. Rushmore

A 50 mile ride from Sturgis through the Black Hills to the historic national monument of Mt. Rushmore. Suggested stops include the towns of Deadwood and Keystone. Admission to the monument is free and food is available for purchase at the location. THIS ROUTE IS APPROPRIATE FOR ANY LEVEL OF RIDER.

vagrant's ride

Ride on “The Lasso” to Devil’s Tower

This ride loops through both South Dakota and Wyoming. Riders will experience views of pine forest, rolling hills, rock formations, bluffs, small towns, ranches, and rolling rivers. The roads on this route are wide open with gradual climbs, turns and a few small twists. THIS ROUTE IS APPROPRIATE FOR ANY LEVEL OF RIDER.

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Spearfish Canyon Ride

Used as a filming location for Dances with Wolves, this canyon, cut by Spearfish creek, has must-see views including Roughlock Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. This 35-mph ride endures an elevation change of 2,000 ft from one end of the canyon to the other. Weather conditions may change throughout the ride, so all-weather gear is recommended. THIS ROUTE IS APPROPRIATE FOR MODERATE LEVEL RIDERS.



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Ride to Crazy Horse Memorial

Sculpted into Thunderhead Mountain, an area sacred to both the Oglala and the Lakota Tribes, The Crazy Horse Memorial is the largest national monument in the United States. This stop also houses the Indian Museum of North America and the Native American Cultural Center. THIS RIDE IS APPROPRIATE FOR ANY LEVEL OF RIDER.


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Ride to the Badlands

A 93 mile ride from Sturgis, The Badlands are a geological attraction housing the world's richest fossil beds and 244,000 acres of sharply-eroded bluffs. The admission to the park is $10 and requires 3-5 hours to fully experience. Suggested stop is the Wall Drug Store on Highway 240. Opened in 1931 during the depression, this store became famous for giving away free ice water in the 30's and currently features extremely well-priced breakfast. THIS ROUTE IS APPROPRIATE FOR ANY LEVEL OF RIDER.

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